What’s holding you back in life? Could it be:

  • Lack of Meaning of Purpose
  • Childhood Fears
  • Family Patterns
  • Relationship Conflicts
  • Sub-Conscious Patterns
  • Negative Beliefs or Habits
  • Hidden Past Life Issues
  • Reaching your talents and abilities

How Can it Help?
This therapy researches past life energies, sub-conscious blocks and negative soul programming and clears them using dowsing and specialised charts.

With charts of mind and spirit the practitioner connects with the client’s Higher Self (wisdom) to clear discordant energies and programmes from the soul records and cellular memory of the physical body.

Energies are replaced with Positive New Healing Energy
The results of this work has helped thousands of people live clearer, more joyful lives. It was initiated by Robert Detzler in the USA.

The Benefits of SRT include:

  • Freedom to be who you are
  • A clearer connection with your Higher Self and Life Purpose
  • Improved Relationships
  • Life goals manifest more easily as resistance is cleared
  • Getting to the bottom of challenges
  • Developing compassion, empathy and forgiveness
  • Setting positive change in motion
  • Dealing with the cause not the symptom
  • Insight into the cause of chronic health problems
  • Space Clearing for homes, Projects and Organisations